Change and growth is possible, and for everyone. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who works with people of all ages (children and adults) to move towards a life they value, by letting go of thoughts, beliefs and actions that no longer serve them. I am passionate about helping people change, and learn to live their best life by learning to live well with anxiety or depression, in the midst of life transitions, and in the face of past or present struggle.

Petaluma CBT provides in-person and remote/video sessions for those who are wanting to do the work of therapy or coaching but want to maximize their time or are limited by geography.

So who am I, and what is my mission?

I am a licensed therapist, a mom , a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. My mission is this; to help normalize therapy, talk about mental and emotional health, and issues related to motherhood so that I can help people grow. I am using social media and my podcast (Mother and More) as a platform to share my work, thoughts, and some tips and tools. My approach to CBT therapy is modern. What is that? My version of it is this; guiding and coaching people through the work of discovering how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors create cycles that keep them stuck...stuck from healing, changing, growing and living their best life. I am a believer that therapy should be helpful, goal -oriented, and yes sometimes dives into our past so that we are free to move into our future. Therapy with me is accessible (via in-person or remote session) so that you can make the time and space for it, based in evidence, action oriented, and always with the goal of helping you live and feel better.

If you are looking to grow, get unstuck, or change unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns, click on the link below find out more about doing one-on-one work.