The Power of Physical Space/My New Office!

I upgraded to a water view, and it makes my thearpist heart happy!

I am a environment me, the physical space I am in really matters. I think it does for most people. While we can’t always control the physical space that we own, we can control the way we set up, and the way we take care of it. I’m guessing you’re seeing the parallel here…our physical space often mirros our mental space. This is why as soon as I was able to upgrade my office to a space that felt more inviting, more open, more bright i jumped at the opportunity!

For the past two years, I have been in the office that has no windows. Okay, fine, it’s essentially a closet that transformed into a cozy little therapy space. When I started off in my own private practice, I saw there were offices with a water view, but I saw the price and was quickly realized I wasn’t “there yet.”

As I am diving deeper into this work, and my schedule is full of brave souls wanting to do big work- it seems to be a perfect time for a change of scenery. I want the therapy environment to match my therapeutic allow space for change, healing, and growth. Luckily, I found it just a few doors down from my old office.

I am honred to do this kind of work…helping people heal and move towards change, I find something so powerful and humbling about sitting and joining people during really hard times, and rejoicing with them in the good times. Yes, all of those things can be done anywhere...but I’d rather do it with a water view!