Do you take Insurance?

Wr do not  bill insurance directly. However, you may be able to get reimbursed by your insurance. Call your insurance provider and ask if your policy has a mental health benefit for out of network providers. 


Each Therapist Set’s Their Own Fee


We accept cash, check, and credit card. You can also pay using Stripe, before or after a session.

How do I get started?

 Email or Call us to set up a free phone or email consult

The First 1-2 Sessions are spent doing assessment, goal-setting, and treatment planning

Then...the fun/work begins!

How long is therapy?

We believe that effective therapy, especially when working on a specific mental health issue should be active, directive, helpful and fairly brief (12-16) sessions. Some people just want to do therapy as way to talk about life struggles/or get some coaching or different perspective around their relationships, and that kind of therapy can take as short, or as long as you want it to. 

Kaitlin Soule, LMFT and Danielle Javadi are sole practicioners who are joint in marketing efforts.