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We are therapists who specialize in working with children and adults who are wanting to live and feel better.

Kaitlin Soule. LMFT

Welcome! I am a mental health therapist who specializes in using cognitive-behavioral therapy to help people of all ages who are struggling with issues related to anxiety, trauma, depression, life transitions or are wanting to do personal growth. My overarching goal with my clients is to help them recognize how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected and use that as a “road map” for change. I use positive psychology in my approach to helping my clients develop a stronger sense of self, more grit, and increase their ability to work through struggle. 

My work is to help clients stop letting fear take control, and move in a direction closer to their values. I believe that therapy shouldn’t be a mystery, and that real change happens when the process is collobrative. While my therapy style is warm and empathetic, I believe that in order to be effective, it is important to set goals, measure progess, and be active and engaged in the process. I want my clients to get to a place where they feel confident enough to act as their own "therapist" when future life-challenges arise. 

My Speciality Areas Include: Working with children and adults who are struggling with Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Depression, or Issues related to Trauma. I also specialize in working with women’s issues, including maternal mental health, juggling home and work life, breaking the unhelpful or negative thinking patterns that are keeping you stuck, and working on strengthening your relationship with yourself and others.

I went to the University of San Francisco for graduate school, where I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Before opening my own practice, I received advanced training in a two-year intensive program, called the Santa Rosa Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. While at the center I was trained by a prominent team of therapists, including Clinical Directors Litsa Tanner, and Jennifer Shannon, author of “The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens,” and “Don’t Feed the Monkey Mind.

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Danielle Javadi, LMFT

Hello...My name is Danielle Javadi. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in using a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to help children, teens and adults who are struggling with issues related to anxiety, behavior, parenting and over all life transitions. I am also trained in EMDR, another evidence-based type of therapy used to help people heal from traumatic experiences.

As a therapist I see myself in partnership with a client throughout their process. I am there for moral support, to assure they feel heard and to challenge them when they find themselves stuck in a negative thought pattern. It is through this collaborative process that I work with clients to help them identify and change negative thinking patterns and push for positive behavioral changes.

I include Dialectical Behavior Therapy in my practice as a way to incorporate mindfulness, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. My goal is to provide clients with concrete goals and tools that can be applied throughout their daily lives, early on in the process. 

I attended Sonoma State University where I received a master’s degree in Counseling. Before going into private practice I was fortunate enough to work as a School Therapist in Marin. It was there that I witnessed first hand the true need for mental health professionals specializing in the field of anxiety. Everyone worries from time to time. However, when that worry becomes so powerful and restrictive that it disrupts lives through avoidance, outbursts, conflicts and feelings of depression-it can become highly problematic and even crippling.

 I firmly believe success in therapy is built on a collaborative relationship between the therapist and client, taking action, holding a positive outlook, and building immediate skills in the right direction.

 Each person’s journey is unique to them, and trusting in the process of life is not always easy, but together I am confident we will find a path that feels right to you.